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January 16, 2012 ~As posted on Camelot Horse Weekly, this date:


 It has been brought to our attention that a horse dealer that consigned horses at Camelot in the past instead sold horses at New Holland today. We are told that most if not all of those horses DID sell to slaughter. This information is upsetting, as we know that if Camelot were currently open for business, these horses would have run thru that venue instead and would have had a chance to be sold into a home or rescue and hopefully avoid the slaughter pipeline.

Many persons have slammed Camelot in recent months - along the lines that Frank is laughing all the way to the bank, that the rescuers are being used and fooled. That the horses being sold at Camelot are in no danger of shipping to slaughter because they lacked the necessary EID paperwork. Well, the information received today seems to indicate otherwise. As suspected, the losers in the Camelot situation are the horses.

Just because the dealers consigning horses to Camelot did not arrive AT Camelot with EID papers in hand for those horses did NOT mean those horses weren't really in danger. From what we're seeing, EID paperwork is NOT that hard to acquire. THIS horrible story shows how easily EID paperwork materialized for horses that had only been in this person's hands for days. (http://www.paulickreport.com/news/ray-s-paddock/every-one-of-them-is-dead/)

The reality check is that thru CHW's networking anywhere from 40-70 horses a week were given a chance to avoid the slaughter pipeline each week at Camelot. Where are those horses going now? Sadly, I think we know.

We are a 27,000-strong group of dedicated horse lovers. Although we cannot save them all, we can make a difference.

Here are some ways to help, and feel free to add your own ideas: 

- write to your congressperson and share your views on equine slaughter

- research and support your local equine rescues

- stick to the FACTS and educate

- get connected with your local equine community through social networking and through attending events

- Consider your local livestock auction as a source for your next horse; or consider assisting your local rescue to pull a horse from that auction. Every horse purchased out of the auction-mill directly influences his life for the better

- visit  the  "what you can do everyday" tab on Camelot Horse Weekly –