NJ Feedlot Horse Rescue


Camelot Feed Lot Rescue Effort 

The purpose of this site is to keep all necessary 'feed lot horses' info in one location.
PLEASE READ the information, if you are not already familiar with it.
There are no 'FREE' horses.
An excellent source for 'free' horses is Craigslist. Check your local ads. You might be a Craigslist horse's only hope. You would be assisting in keeping these poor creatures out of the auctions and feed lots.
Camelot Auction is located in NJ.
The auction is Wednesday night.

We cannot guarantee our ability to network the remaining horses after 2 pm on Saturday. 
We network for the feed lot horses, via alexbrownracing.com and the Camelot Horse Weekly page on Facebook.
Late Wednesday night, following the auction, a list with pictures and descriptions will be posted here, and on alexbrownracing.com.
If you see a horse you would like, you should call the Camelot proprietor, Frank, and pay for that horse using a credit card, as soon as possible. Please be aware that you will need to add the following fees to the base charge:  $50. proprietor's fee and $55 for Coggins and Health Certificate.  There is a $20. per day charge for board.
There are often multiple groups working to pull these horses from the feedlot. Often, if you have your heart set on a particular horse, it might be gone, if not spoken for quickly.
Sometimes, a very generous person, or persons, will step forward to offer 'BAIL'. Bail is the cost of the horse. Please note that you cannot bail a horse without ascertaining that it has someplace to go. If you would like to bail a horse, please contact a rescue of an administrator of the Camelot Horse Weekly page on Facebook.

Our primary concern is, and always has been, the safety and welfare of each of the feedlot horses.
Please consider your financial capability in caring for a horse before you commit.

NJ Feed Lot Horses and its administrators do not guarantee or warrantee either express, implied or statutory any services advertised or listed on this site or sites linked to this site. Inclusion on this site is in no way to be taken as an endorsement for any service or product listed.